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AnalysisCloud is a SaaS solution for Governance and Risk Prevention which helps organizations to discover, analyze, and monitor any and all of their SharePoint Online customizations.

The thinking behind AnalysisCloud stems from the daily problems decision makers are faced with when aiming to provide an efficient working environment for end users on SharePoint. How do platform owners continuously establish governance for customizations and enforce compliance to rules and policies within SharePoint Online – what are the underlying risks?

Tobias Zimmergren, our AnalysisCloud product owner, and Microsoft MVP, explains the common issues enterprises face when tackling Governance and Risk Prevention:

“Customizing SharePoint Online offers many benefits. However, if your customizations are not secure, you face a range of risks – from poor user experience to vulnerability issues and data leaks. The nature of cloud services such as SharePoint Online, is that every user can customize. This means that besides your organization’s trained software developers, citizen developers – end users creating business applications with out-of-the-box capabilities and JavaScript – may unknowingly introduce insecure customizations. Therefore, it has become harder and harder to control and mitigate the risk of this potentially critical activity. AnalysisCloud gives you the tools to monitor this activity and control its quality.

So, with SPCAF and SPTransformator offering process-based solutions to optimize customization Quality, Risk Prevention, Governance, and Transformation for SharePoint environments, we wanted to create a tool that tackles the challenge of ensuring compliance and mitigating risk in real time for customizations on SharePoint Online.

Establishing Governance

We found that by establishing, executing and continuously revising your Governance plan, you can increase the overall security of your Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 environments. AnalysisCloud executes and continuously revises your Governance plan by providing you with a detailed approach each step of the way.

Discover customizations and site collections:

  • Customizations: Get insights into which customizations you have, where they live and what contents they have.
  • Customized site collections: See which site collections contain the most customizations, to learn more about where the customizations are happening, regardless if it’s deployed by IT or citizen development.
AnalysisCloud helps you to Enforce Customization Compliance
AnalysisCloud helps you to Enforce Customization Compliance

Continuous Monitoring to Enforce Compliance

AnalysisCloud enables you to discover what customizations you have, where they are on your Microsoft SharePoint Online tenants, what their functionality is, and how they affect your environment and end users. Our Governance tool provides automatically created documentation of customized functionality and continuously checks whether it’s in line with your policies.

Violation dashboard & violation details:

  • Get an overview of the violations or broken rules in your SharePoint Online tenant, and easily decide where and how to take action.
  • Get details about each violation as they happen and learn how to fix the issues.
AnalysisCloud guides you to Evolve Customization Policies
AnalysisCloud guides you to Evolve Customization Policies

Evolve Policies to optimize Governance

A Governance plan should be anything but hammered in stone. The best governance plans are flexible enough to cover the ever-changing customization landscape of an organization’s SharePoint Online. In the end, customizations are the means of providing the end users with the functionality they need.

Versions & changes:

  • Locate and view a history of changes to your customizations when they have been modified; Compare the latest scripts with the previously analyzed version to identify the actual changes that have been made, whether you knew about it or not.
  • Adjust your Governance plan to the changing requirements of your end users to address the ever-evolving customizations on your SharePoint Online.

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the cloud and are now enjoying all the latest features SharePoint Online has to offer. In order to make this a lasting experience, AnalysisCloud acts as the necessary security monitoring service of SharePoint Online. It’s the final piece of the puzzle that allows you to implement a successful continuous Governance & Risk Prevention plan in the cloud. AnalysisCloud’s 24-hour patrol of the cloud space and the monitoring of evolving Governance policies, help you in keeping your environment healthy and secure and your data and information where it is supposed to be – in your hands.

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