AnalysisCloud just received some big updates

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AnalysisCloud, the newest member in Rencore’s family of SharePoint customization governance and security tools, just received some big updates regarding functionality and user experience.

As you might recall, AnalysisCloud is a SaaS solution for Governance and Risk Prevention which helps organizations to discover, analyze, and monitor any and all of their SharePoint Online customizations – whether deployed by IT or implemented by end users. And it does not stop here. In order to discover potentially harmful customizations in the live environment as fast as possible, AnalysisCloud notifies the admin and platform owner about the type of threat, it’s location and possible steps to sove this issue.

The thinking behind AnalysisCloud stems from the daily problems decision makers are faced with when aiming to provide an efficient working environment for end users on SharePoint. How do platform owners continuously establish governance for customizations and enforce compliance to rules and policies within SharePoint Online while at the same time providing the best and most flexible end user experience?

Tobias Zimmergren, our AnalysisCloud product owner, and Microsoft MVP, explains the common issues enterprises face when tackling Governance and Risk Prevention:

“Customizing SharePoint Online offers many benefits. However, if your customizations are not secure, you face a range of risks – from poor user experience to vulnerability issues and data leaks. The nature of cloud services such as SharePoint Online, is that every user can customize. This means that besides your organization’s trained software developers, citizen developers – end users creating business applications with third-party services and scripts – may unknowingly introduce insecure customizations. Therefore, it has become harder and harder to control and mitigate the risk of this potentially critical activity. AnalysisCloud gives you the tools to monitor this activity and control its quality.

So what is new in AnalysisCloud?

Keeping track of customization activities

Based on customer feedback, we revamped the flow of how our customers actually use AnalysisCloud on a daily basis. Quite often, the first challenge AnalysisCloud customers want to address is actually keeping track of customization activities – especially harmful ones – taking place in their SharePoint Online at this very moment.

Which is why we doubled down on AnalysisClouds alerts and notifications features to provide our customers with the information they need when they need it.

Establishing SharePoint Customization Governance

Equipped with AnalysisCloud’s powerful reporting and monitoring functionality, our customers can finally tackle one of the biggest challenges for every organization: governance. In case of AnalysisCloud, we are talking about SharePoint customization governance.

The built-in best practices and rules of AnalysisCloud provide organizations with a very solid set of policies which they can now enforce.

Making use of all of SharePoint Online’s latest features

Establishing customization governance, however, is not the end of the story. It is much more like the prologue to the actual story. SharePoint Online constantly adds new features while others are being deprecated.  Therefore, your customizations can turn from an essential pillar of your business to upgrade blocker or – in the worst case – show stopper within the blink of an eye.

AnalysisCloud keeps you up to date with upcoming changes to SharePoint Online pointing out future issues so you can react before it is too late.

Over to you

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the cloud and are now enjoying all the most modern user experience SharePoint has to offer. In order to make this a lasting experience, AnalysisCloud helps you in securing your SharePoint Online against customization threats the built-in tools simply cannot address.

AnalysisCloud’s 24-hour patrol of the cloud space and the monitoring of evolving Governance policies, help you in keeping your environment healthy and secure and your data and information where it is supposed to be – in your hands.

Do you want to give AnalysisCloud a test drive? Click the button below to try it out. It’s free!

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And if you happen to attend SharePoint Conference North America this week or European Collaboration Summit next week, make sure to stop by our booth (#108 and #18 respectively) to learn more about the latest AnalysisCloud.


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