BIG updates to our free Health Check App: Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, more in-depth reports

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We are thrilled to announce some big updates to our free tool SharePoint Applications Health Check. You might have already heard of it: it is a free tool to help you find out about your SharePoint and Office 365 health that we launched earlier this year. Maybe you have already given it a first try.

Today, thanks to the valuable feedback we received from all of you, we are able to release a new version including major updates and improvements:

  • Support for Microsoft Flow and Microsoft PowerApps
    The Rencore Health Check will now also discover and report vulnerabilities found in Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow.
  • More insight into discovered vulnerabilities
    In addition to providing you with a comprehensive health status and details on vulnerabilities discovered, we now also point you to the very location of the vulnerability.

The Rencore Health Check analyzes Office 365 and SharePoint environments and discovers all instances where applications, scripts, code, or configurations introduce vulnerabilities to an organization. Maintaining a healthy platform while supporting its growth is essential to maximizing the benefits of SharePoint and Office 365. Rencore’s free tool gives your organization a head start focussing on the health of their collaboration environments by staying in control of them.

Mathias Einig MVP, CEO and co-founder at Rencore on why this update is indeed a milestone:

“After launching the SharePoint Applications Health Check App earlier this year, we received valuable feedback on what is great about the tool, but also what can be improved even further. Based on this feedback, we updated our Health Check offering to cover Office 365 applications such as PowerApps and Flow, that a lot of organizations seem to start looking into right now. Furthermore, we increased the value Health Check holds for its users by providing them not only with the types but also with the locations of discovered vulnerabilities.”

If you want to get a live idea of the Rencore Health Check, we would like to invite you to our booth #304 at SharePoint Conference North America in Las Vegas from May 21st to May 23rd and booth #1 at European Collaboration Summit in Wiesbaden, Germany from May 27th to May 29th. Drop by for the tech, stay for the swag.

Try out the latest version of our Health Check App today to get a quick first idea of the health of your SharePoint and Office 365 environment.

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