New SPTransformator latest release!

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The new more-powerful-than-ever SPTransformator has been released today! Before we get down to business I want to give you a quick rundown of what to expect!

  • An automated farm inventory of the SharePoint farm
  • A larger pool of inventory information to help analyze and assess
  • A comprehensive learning environment
  • An optimal project management tool
  • A stable base for an automated discovery of your SharePoint farm’s customizations

“The idea behind SPTransformator dates back to the time we realized that the cloud was here to stay. For most organizations heavily relying on SharePoint, there are plenty of options to migrate their content. But when it comes to functionality, users are pretty much left alone in the rain, and since almost every large enterprise using SharePoint utilizes customizations to get the most out of it, we decided to address the fact that those very customizations have actually turned into large roadblocks within this cloud era. Through putting our extensive expertise around SharePoint customizations into SPTransformator, we built an engine which helps organizations modernize their SharePoint environments in order to once again provide their end users with the most agile, efficient and sustainable work environment.”
(Matthias Einig, CEO Rencore)

Lightweight discovery of your SharePoint farm customizations

The new SPTransformator can be considered two tools for the price of one. The farm inventory, which received a massive overhaul for version 2, helps you automatically discover all customizations including their usage in your SharePoint environment, no matter whether developed and deployed by IT or implemented by end users with InfoPath, SharePoint Designer, or citizen development. This comes in handy – especially, if you lose track of the functionality your developers and users have added in SharePoint over the years. It’s also very useful if you want to obtain a basis for deciding which customizations are still used and are useful for your end users. This part of the tool has been greatly revamped to not only address the customizations you know of but proactively help you find the ones you don’t.

Inventory information

In the latest version, we have significantly increased the amount of information that’s collected when performing a farm inventory, and this information is used to help analyze and assess the client’s SharePoint environment. This process, otherwise done manually by the developers, can take days if not weeks of their time. SPTransformator saves you time and money by automating discovery and assessment processes and allows your developers to focus on innovation rather than maintaining the status-quo.

A rich pool of content for a comprehensive learning environment

Once SPTransformator has analyzed and assessed the environment, it will provide a rich pool of sources to build and improve the skills required for the upcoming modernization of your customizations. The materials come in various forms, such as blogs, webinars, websites etc. Utilizing the newly obtained skills, your organization is now fit to kick off the actual transformation process.

Optimal project management tool

The transformation process heavily relies on the second part of SPTransformator, a powerful project management tool. After completing the analyze, assess and learn phases, you are now ready to head into the doing, prioritizing and assigning tasks –  planning and tracking their progress. SPTransformator allows you to have a clear overview of the whole transformation process, neatly breaking it down into a Kanban style overview, and tracking each stage from start to finish.

Automatic code transformation to modern client-side development techniques

It’s important to mention that SPTransformator focuses on the transformation of functional items. SPTransformator analyzes the SharePoint environment and guides you on what practices to undertake next. In the last step of the guided transformation process, SPTransformator automagically transforms the code of your customizations to modern client-side development techniques, future-proofing your SharePoint environment. The developer will then complete the Transformation process by “putting the pieces together”.

Who benefits from SPTransformator?

Although there are many kinds of organizations in the world using SharePoint differently, and customizing it in their own unique ways, we have found that 2 types of organizations are benefiting greatly from our tool:

  1. Organizations with a full-fledged cloud strategy and migration plan in place (transform to migrate).
  2. Organizations who want to gradually modernize in order to be prepared for a full-blown move to the cloud later on (transform to prepare).

Experience the new SPTransformator live

If you want to get a first-hand impression of what is new in SPTransformator v2, visit us at our booth #1645 at Microsoft Ignite 2017 in Orlando. Microsoft MVP and Rencore Product Owner Transformation Erwin van Hunen will give you exclusive insights in today’s live presentations at our booth at 11 am EDT, 1 pm EDT and 5 pm EDT.

SPTransformator provides automated discovery, analysis, assessment, and transformation of your SharePoint Full-Trust farm solutions. You can try out SPTransformator for free to find out more about the many ways the tool will help you in your migration and modernization efforts. To get SPTransformator v2 today, click the button below and fill in your contact details.

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