Rencore launches new tool SPTransformator to ease and speed up SharePoint and Office 365 migration projects

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We today publicly launched a new product addressing one underrated challenge enterprises face when modernizing and migrating their SharePoint environments: customizations.

The SPTransformator provides a step-by-step approach to guide its users through a SharePoint migration process. It is entirely focusing on customizations which, although getting overlooked on a regular basis, represent main risk and cost factors in migration projects. In a first step, the tool provides guidance on knowledge and skills that are required for an upcoming migration and offers training sources. The SPTransformator then automatically assesses the SharePoint environment and finds potential risks and roadblocks for the project, for example, non-compliant customizations. The final step comprises an automated transformation of declarative code to nine ready-to-run cloud-ready development languages including TypeScript, PowerShell, and JSOM.

“The idea behind SPTransformator dates back several years as we saw the emergence of migration tools focusing on content and the platform,” said Matthias Einig, CEO of Rencore. “However, almost every large enterprise using SharePoint utilizes customizations to get the most out of it. This poses potential problems when migrating to a newer version or the cloud. Thus, we used our extensive expertise around SharePoint customizations we gathered over the years and built an engine which translates those best practices into actionable guidance and actual lines of code.”

The tool SPTransformator can be downloaded from the new product website. The tool itself is free and provides an initial analysis of SharePoint Full-Trust farm solutions. Further actions, like automated assessments and code transformation, can be unlocked by purchasing credits.

Until today, our most recognized product was the SharePoint Code Analysis Framework, SPCAF, the de-facto standard (and only) tool for verifying the quality, compliance, and governance of SharePoint and Office 365 customizations. With SPTransformator we are looking forward to having two leading edge software products that are trusted by corporations the world over and are used by Microsoft among other major organizations.

Find out more about the SPTransformator here: 


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