Rencore Platform: SharePoint Application Security, Governance and Modernization

Rencore has integrated products SPCAF, AnalysisCloud, and SPTransformator into the Rencore Platform. The Rencore Platform addresses the three main areas of the SharePoint application life cycle: Pre-production, Production, and Modernization. This consolidation move enables users to transition more easily between feature sets and life cycle stages, meeting the needs of their SharePoint landscape.

SharePoint applications are built by professional developers, power-users or purchased from vendors, and these applications can leave the data of an organization exposed to risk. The Rencore Platform empowers organizations to find issues and vulnerabilities of applications in the DevOps process and discovers and monitors customizations in production to help mitigate the risks before they become a problem.

Rencore for Pre-production

Rencore for Pre-production (formerly SPCAF) better equips an organization to perform quality and security checks throughout the development, build and deployment process. It also finds bugs before they hit end-users in production.

Pre-product graphic

Rencore for Production

Rencore for Production (formerly AnalysisCloud) identifies and monitors SharePoint applications on-premises and in the cloud, discovering vulnerabilities and creating a secure SharePoint environment.

Production graphic

Rencore for Modernization

Rencore for Modernization (SPTransformator) discovers outdated applications and technology in a SharePoint environment and shows ways of modernizing them to stay in line with the latest SharePoint capabilities.

Modernization graphic

Matthias Einig, Microsoft MVP, CEO, and co-founder of Rencore explains the consolidation:

Image of Matthias Einig“We are constantly evolving with our customer’s needs and a big part of that is making our offerings accessible in the most convenient way. That’s why we have repackaged our offerings in line with the actual application life-cycle. It allows our customers to access the features they need whether they are on-premises, in the cloud or planning a migration. It’s about providing and maintaining the best possible performing SharePoint environment in the most secure way.”

There are no changes for valued Rencore customers because the features of our offerings stay the same. However, it’s now even easier to benefit from our full range of offerings. Please follow this link to find out more. Alternatively, click the button below to discuss the Rencore Platform with one of our experts.

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About the author

Rencore is a market-leader in the code analysis space. Founded and driven by high-profile international SharePoint and Office 365 experts, their main goal is to help any organization using Microsoft’s enterprise productivity environments to work more efficiently by providing software that optimizes and secures their collaboration solutions. Rencore’s most recognized products are the SharePoint Code Analysis Framework, SPCAF, the de-facto standard tool for verifying the quality, compliance, and governance of SharePoint and Office 365 customizations. Another innovative tool built by Rencore’s engineers is the Transformator, the unique tool that helps enterprises modernize and migrate their SharePoint environments. Their leading edge software products are trusted by corporations the world over and are used by Microsoft among other major organizations.