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A certain level of security is something that many of us want in life, but as human beings it can be easy to dismiss the things that are not obvious to us in plain sight – many can relate to the saying“out of sight, out of mind” especially when it comes to managing our own level of risk.

However, managing risk that impacts on a larger scale, not just for personal accountability, but possibly for a whole organization must be hard to manage, and one can only imagine how difficult it is to be decisive and make that correct decision. It’s something decision makers such as CEOs, CTOs and especially in the case of Information Technology (IT), CIOs face on a regular basis. These types of decisions go mostly unnoticed when executed correctly. On the other hand, the incorrect decision can have repercussions, causing a ‘butterfly effect’ throughout the organization.

This all star cast will enlighten you about SharePoint and Office 365 cyber-security.

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At the core of many leading organizations, IT is the key component driving innovations forward for all industries whether it’s used for a product, service or specifically to streamline an organization’s communications and processes. In the case of the latter, Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 is the platform of choice for many and for a good reason. Its highly customizable features mean it can meet the needs of most organizations. The result? Improved business productivity.

The option to tailor SharePoint beyond what’s available ‘out of the box’ provides that much needed bespoke fit, but that level of attention comes with a caveat. Through conducting customer research at Rencore, we have found many are unaware that a poorly created or implemented application can compromise confidential and sensitive data as well as an entire SharePoint environment, and for those in the know, identifying this risk is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Rencore’s cost-free SharePoint Application Risk Assessment acts like an industrial-sized magnet that attracts the needle (risk) from the haystack (SharePoint) with just a click of a button. It’s the first step towards bridging the gap between extending SharePoint with applications and optimal security.


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The Risk Assessment will discover all SharePoint applications living on a farm or tenant and analyze them based on potential security risks. A Risk Assessment report will then show an overall risk score and provide a deep dive into the types and locations of the discovered security violations.

Mathias Einig MVP, CEO and co-founder at Rencore explains the reason behind releasing a cost-free Risk Assessment:

Image of Matthias Einig“In 2017, we launched our SharePoint Online Application Governance tool as part of the Rencore Platform and the feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Therefore, we decided to reach out to a broad range of organizations and extend an offering: SharePoint Application Risk Assessment to help them get an idea of the state of their SharePoint application risks.”

Next Steps

With Rencore’s SharePoint Application Risk Assessment, organizations, large or small, have a chance to understand how solutions, added by developers, power users or citizen developers are impacting on the security of their SharePoint environment. Keeping track of all applications and their longevity requirements in SharePoint will maximize an organization’s productivity and keep their data secure.

You can learn about quick wins for application security and extending SharePoint by clicking the button below. Try our Risk Assessment today.

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