Our free SharePoint Applications Health Check App is here!

Tailoring SharePoint with applications to meet organizational needs is considered crucial for business productivity. However, extending SharePoint can also negatively affect your SharePoint environment health. That’s why we have launched our free SharePoint Applications Health Check to help you bridge the gap between extending SharePoint with applications and a healthy, performant SharePoint environment.

The free SharePoint Applications Health Check App analyzes SharePoint on-premises and online environments to help you identify the most urgent issues found in SharePoint applications. The generated Health Check Report shows an overall health status and provides detailed insight into a limited number of vulnerabilities.

Mathias Einig MVP, CEO and co-founder at Rencore explains the reason behind releasing a free SharePoint Applications Health Check App:

“Our mission is to help all organizations who are running SharePoint understand and optimize the health of their SharePoint applications. The feedback from our customer research has been crucial in pinpointing the struggles currently experienced regarding a heavily extended SharePoint environment. More often than not, applications are the root cause of these issues. Therefore, we decided to offer a free SharePoint Applications Health Check App so organizations can understand the health of their SharePoint applications quickly.”

With Rencore’s free SharePoint Applications Health Check App, IT departments and business users alike have a chance to understand how solutions added to their SharePoint environment are impacting on its overall health. Keeping track of the health of your SharePoint applications helps maximize your organization’s productivity and keep your data secure.

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Free SharePoint Health Check




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Rencore is a software company providing award-winning solutions essential to the SharePoint and Office 365 space. They empower organizations to extend SharePoint securely through SharePoint applications. To achieve this, they have developed the Rencore Platform based on the four pillars: App Security, App Governance, App Management, and App Modernization. By using the Rencore Platform to help secure, govern, manage and modernize applications, organizations can consistently mitigate and manage any risks before they become a problem, allowing them to run a performant bespoke SharePoint platform to meet their business needs whilst also delivering a significant return on investment.