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Exclusive: Revamped version of SPTransformator coming soon

Hold the front page! Yes, you’ve guessed it, we’re back with our third entry to the Transformation blog series! Headlining today’s countdown to the release of our more-powerful-than-ever SPTransformator is manage large lists in SharePoint.

In the second blog post of this series we brought you workflows but now let’s kick things off with another top feature!

Manage large lists in SharePoint

SPTransformator: Manage large lists in SharePoint SharePoint logoLists, in general, can store at least 30 million items within SharePoint. This allows the developer to work with vast amounts of data at one time. However, handling so much data creates poor performance within the SharePoint environment.

Optimum performance does come at a price, so SharePoint has a threshold of 5000 items that, if it’s exceeded, or a developer queries more than 5000 items in one go, it means that the list is identified as a large list. To manage large lists, you’ll be glad to know there are ways to work around the threshold, and these techniques will vary depending on whether you’re working on premises or with SharePoint Online. For example, for on premises, the administrator can raise the threshold limit at certain points throughout the day so your developers have a window in which they can exceed the 5000-item limit. Increasing the throttle in the evening, when fewer people are using the network, will allow the developer to exceed the 5000-item limit and perform the rest of his or her actions with little drop in performance.


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To mange large lists in SharePoint Online (the cloud) the threshold is not adjustable at all. That’s because there needs to be a good standard of performance for users across the cloud at all times. But there are some ways in which you can optimize and get the most from your SharePoint large lists, and this is where SPTransformator comes into play to help manage large lists. For instance, SPTransformator can search for large lists, locate them, and allow you to understand them. So, you can avoid threshold issues by understanding your large lists within your SharePoint environment and act on the guidance of how to resolve or refine them. For example, you could create indexes and filters for your items which will keep them under the threshold limit, allowing you to utilize more than 5000 items.

Importantly, SPTransformator saves you and your organization time and money, and it’s a consistent theme throughout this blog series. That’s because there’s a continuous amount of care and thought that goes into making a tool that frees up time for SharePoint professionals to continue thriving, pushing boundaries and being innovative. Ultimately, the result of your time and effort will be a perfected end-product for your organization, and SPTransformator can help you on your way.

SPTransformator is free and provides an initial analysis of SharePoint Full-Trust Farm solutions. Further actions, like automated assessments and code transformation, can be unlocked by purchasing credits. If you would like to sign up and receive SPTransformator latest version on release day, please click the button below and fill in your contact details.


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