SPTransformator Sneak Peek: Feature focus usage

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On your marks, get set, go! We’re sprinting out of the blocks with a competition fit, more-powerful- than-ever-SPTransformator.

Our passion for Transformation is like an Olympic torch – that fire just keeps on burning! Which is why we are constantly honing our tools and looking ahead to the next technological steps. In our fourth entry to this blog series, we paid homage to SPTransformator dependencies, but in this installment, we’ll be focusing on how SPTransformator understands and identifies usage.

Feature Highlight: Usage

If one wants to discuss the relationship between usage and SPTransformator, they need to understand the makeup of SharePoint solutions within a SharePoint environment. SharePoint solutions can be described as a form of template, and this template can be used within your SharePoint environment multiple times, with the artifacts being used throughout various site collections. These multiple artifacts: lists, content types, custom field types etc. build up within the SharePoint farm. We refer to the term usage in relation to SPTransformator as the process of identifying active or inactive artifacts within the SharePoint environment.

When considering a Transformation, it can help you considerably if you understand what is being actively used within your SharePoint farm. That’s because it’s good practice to identify what is necessary to take with you to the cloud and what should be left behind. Imagine moving to a new home. It doesn’t make sense to take the old outdated items, and you’ll be looking to throw away that collection of stacked newspapers, or that furniture which doesn’t quite fit the look of your new apartment.

This is where SPTransformator steps in and automatically analyzes the artifacts within the solutions located on your SharePoint farm. SPTransformator then displays usage metrics allowing you to make an informed decision on whether you want to keep the customizations or discard them completely. Therefore, you will only bring the essential, completed solutions to SharePoint Online. So, transforming to the cloud gives you the opportunity to audit your SharePoint environment as well saving your company time and money.

From a business perspective, automatically identifying usage within your SharePoint farm has positive benefits. To undertake an automated inventory of your SharePoint farm with SPTransformator takes away the need to manually identify usage within your SharePoint environment. Furthermore, a manual process takes a lot of time and it is very likely to miss artifacts.

SPTransformator is free and provides an initial analysis of SharePoint Full-Trust farm solutions. Further actions, like automated assessments and code transformation, can be unlocked by purchasing credits. If you would like to sign up and receive SPTransformator latest version on release day, please click the button below and fill in your contact details.


Erwin van Hunen

Erwin is Rencore's Chief Technology Officer. He is a long-time Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Certified Master, and Microsoft Certified Solutions Master. He is a core member of the Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices team, helping developers worldwide with code samples, scenarios, solutions, and guidance to successfully implement customizations for SharePoint and SharePoint Online. Erwin is speaking regularly at tech conferences around the world.