SPTransformator Sneak Peek: Feature focus workflows

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Countdown to the overhauled version of SPTransformator

Revamped, refurbished, and raring to go! It comes with all the bells and whistles that the older version has and it’s also finely-tuned with some superb new features.

In the first blog post of this series we brought you InfoPath forms but now let’s kick things off with another top feature! Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re proudly supporting SharePoint workflows.

Feature Highlight: Workflows

SharePoint workflows can play a pivotal role in the overall user experience within the SharePoint environment. They come in the form of miniature applications that are pre-programmed and can help optimize and automate certain processes, for example, gathering consent for important documents, collecting feedback, scheduling reminders, and handling other purposeful notifications automatically. To undertake all these steps manually would mean a lot of interruptions to an individual’s working day. Essentially, a workflow can be considered in the same vein as a computerized flow chart because it’s also designed to document action steps, eliminating any guess work or random actions made within the work process.

Now consider for a second how SharePoint workflows might influence your migration. Various developers may have worked on multiple tasks, setting up workflows along the way. The outcome could mean vast amounts of created but undocumented workflows. It’s even possible that you’re ahead of the game and you’re setting up workflows within SharePoint Online. Whatever your situation is, chances are you have workflows within your SharePoint environment that you’re unaware of – we are human after all. So, SPTransformator steps in and automatically scans for existing workflows within the farm and visually displays them, refining the analysis and decision-making steps for the developer or administrator.

The key phrase here is automatic, because essentially, the time spent manually investigating and checking your individual SharePoint farms can take days if not weeks depending on the size of your overall SharePoint environment. With the automatic scan, workflows can be mapped in a matter of hours if not days – a significant improvement on the manual process. In a nutshell, SPTransformator saves you and your company time and money.

Let’s not shy away from it, the inevitable march towards the cloud is happening, and all the latest Microsoft software versions are gearing towards SharePoint Online. This is further proof that on premises support is at best secondary to SharePoint Online, and at worst being gradually faded out. Importantly, SPTransformator is the key to gradually transforming and migrating your functionality to the cloud. Keep an eye out for the next edition in this blog series to find out more about Big Lists!

SPTransformator is free and provides an initial analysis of SharePoint Full-Trust Farm solutions. Further actions, like automated assessments and code transformation, can be unlocked by purchasing credits. If you would like to sign up and receive SPTransformator latest version on release day, please click the button below and fill in your contact details.


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Erwin van Hunen

Erwin is Rencore's Chief Technology Officer. He is a long-time Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Certified Master, and Microsoft Certified Solutions Master. He is a core member of the Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices team, helping developers worldwide with code samples, scenarios, solutions, and guidance to successfully implement customizations for SharePoint and SharePoint Online. Erwin is speaking regularly at tech conferences around the world.