Brand new SPTransformator v2.1 is now available

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Discovering SharePoint customizations in your farm could be a bit like finding that quality old pair of jeans in the back of a wardrobe. They’re comfy, and you know how they will go with most outfits, but they are deemed out of fashion and possibly surplus to requirements. You can get away with them for now but in a year or two they are worn for DIY chores.

However, with a little care, a tweak here and there, they are fashionable again and worthy of being shown in your favorite restaurant or bar. You could consider the customizations in your SharePoint farm like your jeans – you tend to forget where you put them but once you find them you realise what an investment they are.

Now we head into the corporate world where we find many decision-makers, who are at least considering a SharePoint migration, in possible catch 22 situations. Short term thinkers may well express the fact that Microsoft is still rolling out updates for SharePoint on-premises – albeit a lot later than SharePoint Online – but whilst things are working, they may question whether they should put the economic and time resources into a project that doesn’t benefit their current IT project.

Long-term thinker’s will at least foresee the need to adapt to SharePoint Online in the not too distant future, and possibly dip their toes in the water and go for a modern development approach. This is considered a sensible move that will benefit the inevitable migration from on-premises to the cloud.

Or you can go all in and transform your whole SharePoint environment and migrate it to the cloud. This concept a couple years ago may have seemed a no go for most IT projects, but now there is a tool out there to help migrate all your relevant and useful customizations and discard all your unused and outdated customizations – this tool is SPTransformator.

The new SPTransformator v2.1 has been released. SPTransformator helps organizations to gradually modernize SharePoint customizations and aid in the migration process to Office 365. Furthermore, it assists individuals to discover and assess existing on-premises customizations, so they can be aligned with Microsoft’s latest best practices. Here is a rundown of what’s new with SPTransformator v2.1:

  • An updated automated discovery of the SharePoint farm
  • A brand-new licensing model based on customer feedback
  • An updated learning center

Lightweight discovery of your SharePoint farm customizations

SPTransformator v.2.1 boasts a new updated more powerful than ever farm inventory. It’s the first port of call in the discovery phase and here’s why! It automatically discovers all customizations in your SharePoint environment, no matter whether developed and deployed by IT or implemented by end users via InfoPath, SharePoint Designer, widgets or scripts. This comes in handy – especially, if you lose track of the functionality your developers and users have added in SharePoint over the years.

It’s also very useful if you want to obtain a basis for deciding which customizations are still used and are useful for your end users. This part of the tool has been greatly revamped to not only address the customizations you know of but proactively help you find the ones you don’t.

Brand new licensing model

We have thought long and hard about the type of licensing set up we would like to offer our customers. Therefore, based on customer feedback, we are now offering two different SPTransformator subscriptions, farm and consultant. Here’s the difference: the farm subscription works for one specific farm but allows unlimited users to work on a migration project with SPTransformator. The consultant subscription enables users to address more than one farm – so the license holder can work on multiple projects – but they are the sole user of that license. This makes SPTransformator much more accessible for different needs.

A comprehensive updated learning center

Once SPTransformator has analyzed your SharePoint farm, and you have assessed the environment, it will provide a rich pool of sources to help build and improve the skills required for modernizing your customizations. The materials come in various forms, such as blogs, webinars, websites etc. Utilizing the newly obtained skills, your organization is now fit to kick off the actual transformation process.

Who benefits from SPTransformator?

Apart from on site developers and consultants, there are many kinds of organizations in the world using SharePoint differently, and customizing it in their own unique ways, we have found that 2 types of organizations are benefiting greatly from our tool:

  • Organizations with a full-fledged cloud strategy and migration plan in place (transform to migrate).
  • Organizations who want to gradually modernize in order to be prepared for a full-blown move to the cloud later on (transform to prepare) also considered as a hybrid approach.

Organizations and consultants are also using our migration whitepaper to make sure they stay on track with migration best practices. Click here to find out more.

SPTransformator provides an automated discovery, analysis, assessment, modernization and transformation of your SharePoint Full-Trust farm solutions. You can try out SPTransformator for free to find out more about the many ways the tool will help you in your migration and modernization efforts. To trial SPTransformator v2.1 for free today, click the button below and fill in your contact details.


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