SPCAF User Installer

Integration into VisualStudio 2010 – 2019, Visual Studio Code, Reports & Dashboards and SPCAF standalone client application

SPCAF Build: Build Step  for AzureDevOps / TFS 2015 or later

Supports the build steps for AzureDevOps and Team Foundation Server 2015 and later

SPCAF Build: TFS 2010 – 2015 VSTS Build Activity

Supports the TFS 2010 – 2015 and Visual Studio Team Services XML Build Process Templates

SPCAF Build: PowerShell CmdLet

Supports custom PowerShell scripts and integration in TeamCity, Jenkins, Atlassian Bamboo etc.

SPCAF Build: MSBuild Task, CommandLine

Use the SPCAF User License Installer together with the Server license to enable MSBuild and CLI capabilities.

SPCAF Farm: PowerShell CmdLet

Integration into your deployment process via PowerShell

SPCAF Farm: SPDocKit Integration

Integration into the Acceleratio SharePoint Documentation Toolkit, Extension included in the SPDocKit Installer

For more information, please take a look at our Release Notes. To download previous releases please contact us.