Recording: Preparing Modern SharePoint Environments for Multilingual Use


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With just a few subtle changes, SharePoint collaboration sites and other modern sites have changed from “unilingual by default” to “multilingual by default”, while encouraging you to have all users of all languages sharing the same tenant. Yet we are losing some multilingual features like Variations and the Machine Translation Service.

Rewatch this webinar with Martin Laplante, CEO at PointFire, and Microsoft MVP Liam Cleary, and learn how those changes require changes to governance of the localization of the UI and of the content. Some of the responsibility moves from regional offices to head office, and vice-versa compared to on-premise SharePoint. Also see some of the cool features that PointFire has been working on.

Key takeaways:

· Know the multilingual features of SharePoint Online Modern sites
· Learn how to localize Hub site menus and megamenus
· Understand the impacts of the deprecation of Variations?
· Find some simple tricks like how to change your language

Dr. Martin Laplante

Dr. Martin Laplante is CEO, and former CTO, of IceFire Studios, makers of PointFire.  His background is in AI and computational linguistics, and his experience in internet document management goes back to the dawn of the internet.  He speaks regularly at SharePoint conferences

Liam Cleary

Solution Architect and Security super-freak and eleven-time SharePoint MVP focusing on Architecture but also crossing the boundary into Development. Liam’s specialty over the past few years has been security in SharePoint and its surrounding platforms.