Recording: Effectively managing Office 365 at scale


As the adoption of Office 365 in your organization increases it’s more and more difficult for you to stay on top of what’s happening in your tenant.

In the end, you give up, facing the inevitable sprawl of inactive teams and groups, unused accounts for external users and publicly shared content that no one knows about. But it doesn’t need to be like that. You can manage Office 365 effectively at a large scale.

Join us for a webinar about effectively managing Office 365 at scale. We’ll share you lessons learned from the field as well as a number of good practices to help you stay in control of your tenant without compromising on features or usability.

Hosted by Björn Erkens

Björn is the Head of Business Development at Rencore. In his role, Björn is responsible for doing research on future trends and challenges. His passion is to bring people together to facilitate learning. As a host for numerous Rencore round tables, he brings O365 & SharePoint decision makers together to help them solve their most pressing issues and challenges.
Waldek Mastykarz

Image round Waldek MastykarzWaldek is a Microsoft Office Development MVP and Head of Product at Rencore. He reinforces our product development adding loads of business experience from working as a SharePoint consultant for more than 10 years. Waldek is passionate about what he does and shares his enthusiasm through his blog and as a regular speaker at conferences and community events all over Europe.

Jussi Roine

“I write about things that interest me – mostly about Microsoft, cloud technologies, productivity, investing, things I’ve built and being outside my comfort zone. I’m a Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valuable Professional, and my work revolves around Azure and Microsoft 365.”