Recording: Provisioning and Customizing “Modern” Team Sites in SharePoint Online – with Hugh Wood


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Hugh Wood

Image Hugh Wood

With over 2 decades of development experience, Hugh brings to the table much more than just a developer.

He has in-depth experience of over 40 programming languages, project management and systems analysis with qualifications in each area.

Hugh focusses on ALM, programming and solution architecture in general, the process surrounding these areas and perfecting this craft. He works as a Computer Scientist, and evangelising the best practices found for this processes revolving around the Enterprise Market of Microsoft Office and SharePoint.

It’s been just over a year since “Modern” Team Sites were introduced in SharePoint Online. So what’s new?

Since SiteTemplates don’t exist here, patterns and models have been developed to deploy and customise solutions around “Modern” sites.

Join Hugh Wood as he dives deep into topics like:

  • What’s missing compared to the old Team Sites?
  • What are “Modern” sites?
  • What is site classification?
  • Provisioning “Modern” Team Sites
  • Customizing “Modern” Team Sites
  • Customizing Lists on “Modern” Team Sites
  • Customizing “Modern” Site Pages
  • Site design scripting