Recording: Securing SharePoint Online in 47 easy steps! (Or 5 steps, you choose) with Jussi Roine


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Jussi recommends this free Ebook by Jethro Segers.

As promised, Jussi’s anwer to a question that was asked during the webinar:
Question: Is there still a limitation for larger files uploaded to SharePoint Online not being scanned by the antivirus scanner?
Answer:No, this limitation was removed in April 2018. It was previously 25 MB, and that limitation is now removed.

Jussi Roine

With over 25 years’ experience on the Microsoft platform, Jussi has outstanding skills and understanding on the Microsoft platform, including Microsoft Azure and Office 365, as well as traditional on-premises deployments and architectures. He has been very focused on SharePoint and Office 365 for the past 10+ years. In the recent years he shifted his focus slightly to hybrid architectures and cloud-based approaches. He is able to communicate and create value on the CxO level on all things Microsoft and is one of the selected few in the world to have attained the highest technical certification from Microsoft, the Microsoft Certified Master: SharePoint, as well as the Microsoft MVP award. When he is not at a customer site or in a classroom, he is rock climbing, running or hunting great Italian wines.

While SharePoint Online is secured through Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, there are still plenty of areas you have to understand, secure and monitor to keep your data and organization secure. During this webcast we’ll dive deeper into the possibilities, requirements and recommendations on how to secure SharePoint Online using both Azure and Office 365 capabilities and some common sense.

Join Jussi Roine on June 6th, 10 am EDT / 4 pm CEST to get

  • a clear understanding of what steps to take immediately to lock down and secure SharePoint Online
  • an effective model for monitoring and reacting to security issues
  • no-nonsense demonstrations on how to maintain a secured environment in the cloud