Recording: SPFx Mini Summit

Join Vesa Juvonen, Microsoft and Microsoft MVPs Waldek Mastykarz, Elio Struyf and Andrew Connell who are going to take you through the pitfalls and their learnings developing with the SharePoint Framework.

Keynote: Quo Vadis SharePoint Framework?

Vesa Juvonen, Microsoft
Vesa will share the latest updates on the current state of SPFx development as well as what’s to come.

Things I learned while building a product on SharePoint Modern

Elio Struyf, MVP, Valo

Building a product is an awesome thing to do. You can look at it as a never-ending project. Each day, you try to make the product better, implement new features and functionality, but that comes with challenges. We are building on top of another platform. Which means we have to keep up with new capabilities, changing APIs, or even breaking changes.

In this session, I will tell you more about my story of what I learned or encountered while I was building a product on top of SharePoint. It gives you some insights on how you can cope with these changes and how you can apply it to your projects. As not every one of you is building a product, this session is still in your interest. As changes to the platform will keep happening, you better be prepared for these changes. This session will help you understand the impact that it can have on your projects.

You will learn more about SharePoint Framework, Azure, and Office 365 development. All of this will be highlighted by various demos.

  • Tips and tricks
  • Get an overview of all the aspects of a larger-scale application
  • Considerations for your own solutions

Connect SharePoint Framework solutions to APIs secured with Azure AD

Waldek Mastykarz, MVP, Rencore
Authentication is hard, but it’s necessary to securely connect with your enterprise applications. In this session you will learn how to connect your SharePoint Framework solutions to Microsoft Graph and enterprise APIs secured with Azure AD.
In this session, we will go step-by-step through the process of securing Azure Functions with Azure AD and configuring a SharePoint Framework solution to communicate with APIs hosted in Functions. Along the way we will discuss caveats that you should take into account.

Add Telemetry, monitoring & more to your SharePoint Apps with Azure App Insights

Andrew Connell, MVP, Voitanos

You’ve built and deployed an app for SharePoint, but how well is it running? Do you know how people are using it? In this session, you will learn what Azure Application Insights is, a Microsoft Azure service, and what you can do with it. Sure, it’s easy to set up Application Insights with some live analytics, but did you know you can set up your own custom dashboards and alerts to monitor the health of your application? That’s not all… you can use Application Insights to also track logging data, track custom events and even track the telemetry of specific users. In this session you’ll learn some advanced techniques on how to not just what App Insights is, but how you can use it as well as how to configure your SharePoint Framework projects.
Learn how to:
  • correctly add Azure Application Insights to SPFx solutions
  •  track custom events and metrics in SPFx solutions
  •  leverage Azure Application Insights for centralized logging

Ask me anything (AMA)

Andrew, Elio and Waldek
Our presenters will go through the questions that you are able to ask throughout the entire mini summit and try to answer as many as possible 🙂