How SharePoint administrators
manage their environments and solutions

This report was authored by Rencore Microsoft MVP Waldek Mastykarz. It raises awareness of current administrator practices and trends in relation to SharePoint. 

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SharePoint administrators perform a variety of tasks as part of their every-day jobs. They ensure a SharePoint environment operates correctly and also verify that SharePoint Applications, no matter how small, do not negatively impact on the SharePoint environment.

This is what you can expect from the report:

  • An insight into the management of a SharePoint environment.
  • A look into the verification of solutions pre and post production.
  • Analysis of the administrator job role and the differentiating tasks.

About the Author: 

Waldek Mastykarz:

Image Waldek MastykarzWaldek is a 10-time recipient of the Microsoft MVP award and is Head of Product at Rencore.

As a member of the SharePoint PnP core team, Waldek helps SharePoint developers get the most out of SharePoint’s extensibility capabilities.