Migrate your customizations to the Cloud – The essential checklist

This whitepaper was authored by Microsoft MVP, MCM and MCSM, Erwin van Hunen, Product Manager – Modernization at Rencore. It provides a practical checklist for making sure customization migration is fully thought through before any moves are made.

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This is what you can expect from our whitepaper:

  • Highlights critical phases in the migration and eventual transformation of customizations during a SharePoint migration project
  • A guide for organizations and individuals who want to streamline and optimize their SharePoint migration projects and save past investments.
  • Addresses post migration and the correct procedure for taking effective aftercare of newly transformed customizations

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Author, Microsoft MVP, MCM and MCSM, Erwin van Hunen, Product Manager – Modernization at Rencore:

Migration to the cloud takes patience and incremental progress. Rather than a ‘big bang’ approach, successful migrations take place with well-planned step-by-step processes. But even the best-laid plans can go awry. While a migration including both functional and content customizations can, in theory, be completed manually, it is worth considering how third-party tools can help automate, speed-up and improve the success of the move.