Security in and with Office 365 with Secure Code

This white paper was authored by Jethro Seghers, Program Director at SkySync. It provides a comprehensive guide on how to interpret Microsoft Secure Code to maximize the security of your SharePoint Online environment.

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This is what you can expect from our whitepaper:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Secure Code and how it helps to improve Office 365 security
  • Guidance on how to interpret Secure Score results.
  • Tipps on how to turn these results into actual measures to take in order to increase security of your Office 365 environment

Author Jethro Seghers, Program Director at SkySync :

Ever since Secure Score came out, I wondered how to make the most of security on Office 365 and get that number as high as possible. Even though Secure Score does a really good job in trying to explain the What and the How, in my opinion, it fell short addressing the Why. I used this document to increase security on my tenant. I am confident it will do the same for the readers.