SharePoint governance best practices

This whitepaper explores the vital role SharePoint plays in the Microsoft cloud collaboration ecosystem and offers best practices for implementing an effective SharePoint governance strategy that helps control data access and sharing and supports a better collaboration experience.

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This whitepaper will help you:

  • understand the necessity of SharePoint governance to stay on top of data and site activity
  • learn the first steps you can directly apply to strenghten your governance
  • enforce solid governance throughout SharePoint and the Microsoft stack

The author’s take: Matthias Einig, Micosoft MVP and CEO at Rencore

The optimal scenario for getting the absolute most out of SharePoint collaboration is having an open environment to share and collaborate on documents in a controlled way. Having full visibility of how collaboration is happening, and a complete understanding of the governance pain points allows IT to act quickly. Throughout this whitepaper, we address those SharePoint collaboration governance best practices and provide a framework for executing a SharePoint governance strategy to foster controlled collaboration throughout and outside the organization.