State of Hybrid SharePoint 2017

This report was authored by the BYU Marriott School of Management research team in association with CollabTalk LLC  and sponsored by Rencore along with Microsoft, Avepoint and several other major vendors in the SharePoint industry.
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This is what you can expect from the 2017 report:

  • 47 pages packed with unique insights into the current State of SharePoint Hybrid in the industry
  • Well-grounded and thoroughly-accumulated stats and data from over 600 participants
  • Detailed insights and trends, transition barriers, gaps and opportunities of hybrid solutions

What questions this report will answer:

  • What is the size of hybrid SharePoint usage in terms of licenses (seats), users, and revenues?
  • What is the composition of hybrid SharePoint usage in terms of company size, locations, versions, and features used?
  • What are the potential opportunities?
  • What are the risks?
  • What are the benefits of hybrid SharePoint strategies?
  • How are people using hybrid SharePoint environments?
  • What different strategies will companies use around hybrid moving forward?
  • What are the growth trends of Microsoft SharePoint in terms of environment type?