Regain control of your SharePoint applications

No matter if your SharePoint applications are built by professional developers, makers, power-users or purchased from vendors, they can expose your organization to risks. Our platform allows you to analyze and manage your applications from early design to operating in production helping you to mitigate risks before they become a problem.


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Do you know what SharePoint applications your organization uses?

“9 out of 10 SharePoint deployments are customized.”


How it works

Use our platform to analyze and monitor your SharePoint applications throughout their
whole lifecycle to discover issues and fix them before they become a problem.

Platform pre-production

Check your code before deployment

Rencore integrates with your developer tools such as Visual Studio and VSTS to help you find and fix issues in your SharePoint applications as you’re building them. Rencore also integrates in your deployment process helping you to understand the risks involved with using your SharePoint applications in production.

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Platform production

Regain control of your SharePoint environment

We continuously monitor all SharePoint applications in your environment: from packaged solutions deployed by the IT to applications built by end-users such as scripts, workflows or forms. Whenever we detect a risk, we warn you and provide you with insights and guidance to fix the issue.

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Platform modernization

Modernize outdated SharePoint applications

SharePoint and Office 365 evolve continuously. By monitoring your environment, our platform warns you of applications that use outdated technologies. These applications block you from using the latest capabilities in SharePoint and Office 365. Using the guidance provided by our platform, you can then modernize them.

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See how the Rencore platform can help you avoid risks in all your SharePoint applications.

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What our customers say?

Organizations that use SharePoint and Office 365 trust Rencore to help them secure their
SharePoint applications.

We use Rencore’s products and offerings to help our customers secure their customizations in the cloud.

A unique position on the market when it comes to code quality, transformation and platform governance.

Rencore makes us better!

Trustworthy automation of security and quality checks with the Rencore App platform.

Rencore: SharePoint Development the right way.