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SharePoint Online Customizations!

AnalysisCloud features provide your organization with a full-fledged solution to establish, enforce and evolve a Governance Plan in order to secure SharePoint Online Customizations.

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AnalysisCloud analyzes your SharePoint Online tenant to identify:

  • what customizations have been implemented
  • where those customizations have been implemented
  • what impact they have on security and compliance
AnalysisCloud assists you in Establishing Customization Governance
AnalysisCloud Features: Enforce Customization Compliance

Learn more about Policy Violations

After the initial scan, AnalysisCloud provides you with a detailed view of all discovered Policy Violations. For each identified violation the tool determines severity, impact on your end users, and location. You can then decide to closely track this violation, set a reminder to revisit it or clear it off the list manually.

Continuously Monitor Customizations

AnalysisCloud is most effective when running continuously on your SharePoint Online. Comparing findings of each analysis run you will be able to closely monitor the health of your tenants, the status of your tasks and the governance of your applications.

AnalysisCloud guides you to Evolve Customization Policies
AnalysisCloud promotes your Application Lifecycle efforts

Track the Progress of your Customization Governance

AnalysisCloud promotes your Application Lifecycle efforts by providing you and your organization with a powerful way to track all stages of your applications and get comprehensive details about the current status of your customization governance and how it progressed.

Easily Review and Revisit Rules and Policies

As the requirements of your end users change, so do your customizations. Which is why AnalysisCloud lets you revisit you Governance plan at any time to make adjustments to your policies and rules or within the way you are enforcing their compliance. The best governance plans always take into consideration that nothing is as steady as change. So remember: Assess, Adjust, Repeat.

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