Your Customization Governance Plan
in Three Simple Steps

AnalysisCloud provides you with all the means to develop a Governance Plan fitted to your needs, define and evolve Corporate Policies and Rules, and continuously monitor and enforce their Compliance.

Establish Customization Governance

AnalysisCloud discovers what types of customizations are live in your SharePoint Online tenant, no matter if deployed by IT or implemented by Citizen Developers directly on the sites without your knowledge. Knowing about them, their usage, type, and implications for security and supportability enables you to implement your customiztion governance plan based on your needs and challenges.

AnalysisCloud assists you in Establishing Customization Governance

Enforce Customization Compliance

AnalysisCloud Features: Enforce Customization Compliance

AnalysisCloud provides you with the means to ensure compliance with your customization governance plan by enforcing strict measures against violations. Constantly monitor your SharePoint Online for violations against your customization policy, act on them and track and document the progress when resolving them.

Evolve Customization Policies

Your end users requirements and needs change and so do sources for potential risks. AnalysisCloud makes it easy for you to regularly review your governance plan, revise corporate policies and rules and thus tailor it to your current needs and challenges.

AnalysisCloud guides you to Evolve Customization Policies

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