Rencore Code (SPCAF) vs. MSOCAF

We often get asked what is the difference between Rencore Code (SPCAF) and the free Microsoft SharePoint Online Code Analysis Framework (MSOCAF).

Both MSOCAF and Rencore Code analyze SharePoint customizations and have some features in common. But there are some big differences:

  • For a start, MSOCAF has not been updated since 2013 and will only analyze the assembly code. It will simply ignore all SharePoint solutions or app files.
  • MSOCAF is not customizable regarding rules and reports.
  • MSOCAF is very limited in the ways to run the analysis.

You can compare all features in the table below.

Last updated May 2013 September 2021
Supported SharePoint versions
SharePoint 2003 – 2010 Yes Yes
SharePoint 2013 No Yes
SharePoint 2016 No Yes
SharePoint 2019 No Yes
SharePoint Online No Yes
Code Quality Assurance 122 rules
SPDisposeCheck (not working with >SP2010)
– partialy FxCop)
> 1100 + rules
(+ those from MSOCAF+ SPDisposeCheck + FxCop)
Code Metrics Calculation No Yes
Code Dependencies Analysis No Yes
Code Inventory Documentation No Yes
Project Quality Tracking No Yes
Customization Types
Farm Solutions (.wsp) Limited Yes
Sandboxed Solutions (.wsp) Yes Yes
SharePoint Add-ins (.app) No Yes
SharePoint Framework SPFx (.spapp) No Yes
PowerShell Scripts (.ps1) No Yes
JavaScript files (.js) No Yes
SharePoint Code
.NET code Yes Yes
SharePoint SSOM Limited Yes
SharePoint CSOM No Yes
SharePoint Framework No Yes
SharePoint PnP No Yes
XML (declarative code) No Yes
JavaScript/JSOM No Yes
PowerShell Script No Yes
Styles (.css) No Yes
Executables (.exe) No Yes
Assemblies (.dll) No Yes
Resources (resx, images,etc.) No Yes
HTML Yes Yes
Excel export (CSV) Yes Yes
XML No Yes
Dependency Graph (DGML) No Yes
Standalone Client Application Yes Yes
Visual Studio Support No Yes
Visual Studio Code Support No Yes
Team Foundation Server Integration No Yes
Azure DevOps Integration No Yes
TeamCity Support No Yes
Jenkins Support No Yes
AvePoint DocAve Integration No Yes
SysKit SPDocKit Integration No Yes
PowerShell CmdLet No Yes
Gulp Integration No Yes
MSBuild Tasks No Yes
Command Line Tool No Yes
3rd Party Analyzer
JSHint No Yes
CSSLint No Yes
FxCop Yes Yes
FxCop Metrics No Yes Yes Yes
SPDisposeChecker (only SP2007/2010) Yes Yes
Memory Disposal in SP2013+ No Yes
Other features
Custom Rulesets No Yes
Custom rule development (SDK) No Yes
Online Help / Documentation Yes Yes
Software Assurance
Support No Yes
Updates No Yes