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Stay in control of all Microsoft 365 Services

Microsoft 365 Governance comes with many challenges. At Rencore, we help you deal with them all. For the most common challenges, we included specific templates, dashboards and, reports that will allow you to overcome them even faster!


Typically, you have two choices to keep your environment clutter-free. Tighten permissions but disrupt business, or start locating data from separate admin centers and manually try to make sense of it all – however, there is a third way.

Declutter Microsoft 365 with Rencore Governance - Check PowerAutomate tile - Orphaned Resources - Dashboard resizable 3x3

Optimize Costs

Unassuming costs arise in many forms as platform growth rapidly increases, from storage limits to licenses – unused or tiered. These costs can quickly mount up, and you might be unknowingly coming in over budget, but not today!

Manage External Access

Collaboration happens past the confinement of your organization and restricting Microsoft 365 external access shackles productivity. Keep collaboration both under control and unrestricted with Rencore Governance.

User Offboarding

Employee turnover can fluctuate. As a Microsoft admin team, you must preserve relevant data, remove access and reassign licenses. Never miss any of these tasks again!

Operational Governance

As a Microsoft 365 admin team, you must facilitate users to work efficiently across all services, including Teams, SharePoint, and Power Platform. But how can you stay informed about the correct configuration of Flows or the number of owners assigned to a Team?

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