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The Rencore Migration Assessment Tool uncomplicates your SharePoint migration project planning, providing you with an automated farm inventoryassessment of technologies, and an action plan mapping out your ideal migration journey.

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Uncover what is hidden in your SharePoint farm

Performance issues

Assess the impact of these findings on your migration project

Platform sustainability

Devise the correct sequence of necessary next steps and don’t look back

Why SharePoint migrations without proper planning will fail:

“9 out of 10 SharePoint deployments are customized which leads to unpleasant surprises during migration.”
Samuel Zuercher, Microsoft MVP, and migration guru at Experts Inside

Inventory Features

Discover everything.
Get to know your farm better.

Rencore Migration Assessment Tool - Overview

Discover Web Applications

Receive a full list of Web Applications live in your SharePoint farm.

Understand Site Collections

Get insights into how and where Site Collections are used in your SharePoint farm

Find out about your SharePoint Sites

Gain deep insights into the structure and usage of your SharePoint Sites

Dive into your SharePoint Lists

Learn more about your Lists and how they impact your SharePoint farm

Unearth Content Databases

Dig deep into your SharePoint farm to identify all Content Databases

Assessment features

Understand what you have.
The good as well as the bad.

Prepare for migration

Based on the findings, the Migration Assessment provides you with best practices around:

  • Clean up: which aspects of your environment can be archived or deleted
  • Sites Complexity: Where your quick wins and roadblocks are when migrating
  • Teams Readiness: What functionality should be transferred to Microsoft Teams

Understand your SharePoint Applications

The Application Assessment will help you navigate one of the trickiest aspects of a SharePoint migration:

  • External Dependencies: understand how SharePoint interacts with outside resources and systems
  • SharePoint Dependencies: learn about how SharePoint resources are interconnected
  • Solution Architecture: Look into your SharePoint solutions and understand how they are built
  • Roadblocks: Identify all applications that will negatively affect your migration
Rencore Migration Assessment Tool - Migration Assessment

Planning Features

See what lies ahead.
Map out the fastest route.

Rencore Migration Assessment Tool - Application Inventory

Reduce your migration efforts by up to 50%

Before starting your migration project, our tool will enable you to decide what content and functionality you need to preserve and what you can archive. Usually, this will reduce your migration efforts by 25 – 50%.

Be smart about assigning your resources

The tool will show you where to focus your attention on during migration. By providing a comprehensive analysis of your site complexity you will be able to reliably plan your resources and assign them to the correct tasks at the right time.

Embrace new technologies

SharePoint has been a Swiss Army knife for decades. However, there are now other Microsoft services which help organizations collaborate – Microsoft Teams is one such service. Our tool will provide you with a suggestion of which elements should be moved to Teams.

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