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The Rencore Development Best Practice Certification enables companies that build solutions, product, and add-ins around SharePoint to check if they pass our rigorous tests and audits to sport our program’s seal of quality. With this seal, we approve highest security, sustainability, and effectiveness of the very product. Tested against our ISO 25010-based SharePoint specific metrics, our clients will be constantly reassessing their product quality to ensure they stay up to date with latest best practice once approved by us.

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Lightning Tools has been creating Microsoft SharePoint tools and web parts ever since July 2007, and has grown year upon year to offer SharePoint products to over 4000 customers in 70 countries. We are a privately owned company that has developed organically and has been successful based upon our commitment to offer excellent SharePoint products.

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Portal Systems is a privately owned company based in Hamburg, Germany. We have been developing business applications based on Microsoft SharePoint for more than 300 companies in the DACH region since 2008. As a configurable application platform for SharePoint, Shareflex – The Business Application Platform includes all of the technologies and features required to optimize standard SharePoint features.

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Solutions2Share offers services and solutions around Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. The company based in Germany specializes in developing software solutions that combine SharePoint’s “out-of-the-box” functionality with special adaptation to organize smoothly running processes. Their goal is to make your work as easy and efficient as possible.

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Success Stories

Lightning Tools

Learn more about what led Lightning Tools to deeply integrate Rencore with their product development processes and how the Rencore Certificate further increased their products reception by adding a USP.