Discover your organization’s SharePoint Designer workflows

Discovering SharePoint Designer workflows with the free trial of our Rencore Migration Assessment Tool is your first step towards moving on from classic workflows to modern alternatives like Flow or third-party tools.

SharePoint Designer workflows discovery with Rencore

Help your organization along it’s digital transformation journey.

Our free tool analyses your SharePoint Farm and SharePoint Online to give you an exact count of SharePoint Designer workflows in use in your environment.

SharePoint Designer workflows discovery with Rencore

Our free SharePoint Designer workflow Discovery provides:

  • Full scan of your SharePoint farm
  • Accurate count of all deployed SharePoint Designer workflows
  • Premium feature: detailed insights into location, owners and usage of the workflows

Why should your organization address legacy applications.

“As Microsoft’s strategy shifts toward the cloud, the company is betting on PowerApps and Flow – and so should you!”
Christian Buckley, Microsoft Regional Director and Office Servers and Services MVP

Get rid of your legacy applications in 4 simple steps


Run the application

Download the Rencore Migration Assessment tool and start a free trial following these instructions. Once installed, run the application.


Get results

After completing the scan, the Rencore Migration Assessment Tool will provide you with an extensive inventory and assessment of your farm and its migratability. Navigate to Migration Assessment > Site Complexity for an accurate count of discovered SharePoint Designer workflows.


Replace SharePoint
Designer workflows

Review every single instance of your organization’s SharePoint Designer workflows and receive suggestions within the tool around migration and modernization options.