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Navigate roadblocks. Sustainability in the cloud.

Deliver migration projects on time and on budget


Everyone customizes SharePoint.

And it’s been going on for almost as long as SharePoint has been around. However, with full steam ahead to the cloud, you cannot simply take your trusted customizations with you.

SharePoint customizations and applications are the number 1 reason why migrations stall and run over budget. Rencore helps you navigate those road blocks.


Project management

Poor migration project planning can lead to miscommunication, poor user adoption, and uncertainty of how to govern in the cloud.



9 out of 10 SharePoint deployments are customized which leads to very frequent failure during an upgrade – Gartner


Outdated governance

Current governance plans cannot be migrated. A new way of governing the cloud space must be established, implemented, and enforced.


Rencore in action

Our Cloud Migration solution has enabled our customers to discover customizations and applications that are reliant on legacy technology, replace them with modern alternatives and sustain a secure and performant environment whilst in the cloud.

Improve project management

Rencore helps you successfully handle your migration project from start to finish. Gain insight into all the facts of your environment, benefit from comprehensive resources and learning materials to those performing the migration, and track progress.

Navigate roadblocks

Discover all customizations and applications including complexity, dependencies and expected effort to migrate to the cloud. Rencore helps you navigate potential roadblocks before they become an issue by discovering them and understanding their functionality.

Govern the cloud

Once migrated, you may find that long-serving governance practices are obsolete in the cloud. Rencore provides you with continuous monitoring of your cloud environment to detect vulnerabilities and issues within your customizations and applications.

Get in touch with our experts and discover how Rencore Cloud Migration features tailors to your needs.

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