Code Quality Assurance

Automate quality checks – build Microsoft quality SharePoint customizations

Deliver quality-assured customizations for SharePoint and Office 365


Controlling SharePoint and Office 365 starts at the source.

Customizations are important as ever to reach business needs. However, making sure they reach a consistently high standard before they are deployed to the production environment is a challenge. Poorly written code hinders platform performance, creates blockers for migration projects, and introduces risks into your environment. 

Migration blockers

Performance issues

Coded customizations which do not comply with Microsoft best practices lead to performance issues for your entire SharePoint environment. 

Unverified script libraries

Potential vulnerabilities

Using 3rd party open-source libraries, externally developed code and applications is very convenient. However, it is getting increasingly difficult to keep track of vulnerabilities throughout the scripts running in your environment.



A lack of documentation makes it hard to identify how your environment is being customized, used and managed. It makes it increasingly difficult to plan, budget, and track support and personnel costs.


Rencore in action

The Rencore SharePoint Code Quality Assurance solution enables our customers to deliver quality assured customizations that meet Microsoft’s highest standards and best practices every time. 

Improve code quality

Rencore provides an automated code check analysis that runs on your developers’ favorite tools in pre-production and fully integrates into your deployment and continuous integration processes and tools. Automating the code quality check saves many development and administration hours. 

Detect and upgrade libraries

Rencore assists you in identifying and understanding sub-par open source libraries in your SharePoint and Office 365 environments. We also help you convert to the latest SharePoint development models and practices (SPFx, PnP). 

Maximize overall platform performance

High-quality customizations will make your platform perform better. What is more, Rencore’s comprehensive documentation features built into our solutions will help you reduce time and effort troubleshooting performance, support and maintenance issues.

Keeping records

Thorough documentation allows platform owners and administrators to manage support and personnel costs more reliably. Rencore fully automates the arduous documentation process providing up-to-date insights into your environment.

Get in touch with our experts and discover how Rencore Code Quality Assurance features tailor to your needs.

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