Control your Microsoft Flow
(Power Automate) Cost

Rencore Oversight will help you to understand if new Microsoft Flow (Power Automate) licensing may result in additional costs for your organization, and will keep you updated as these costs change.

Microsoft Flow Cost Control illustration

Stay in control of your licensing costs

Understand within seconds whether the new Flow (Power Automate) licensing will lead to additional cost for your organization.

Stay in control of your costs with Rencore


Identify Future Cost

Rencore will help you determine in seconds whether your organization’s existing Flows will lead to additional cost.


Inventorize your Flows

Our tool shows you a comprehensive overview on who in your organization uses Flows with premium features.


Get a Cost Estimate

Rencore will provide you with a precise estimate of how high the additional cost for premium Flows will be.


Optimize Flows

Our tool will give advice on how to optimize your Flows looking at usage, complexity and priority.

Sounds interesting? Then give it a try. It is free!

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