Keep track of what is happening in Office 365

Organizations using Office 365 struggle with controlling their tenants. With Rencore, organizations can understand the current state of their tenants, monitor its most important aspects and automate handling issues.


Automate your Office 365 Governance

Rencore Oversight helps you stay in control of your Office 365 by defining and monitoring policies, discovering any violations against them and take the right next steps – and it’s fully automated.

Rencore keeps track of:



  • Change of Secure Score
  • Resources shared via anonymous link
  • New flows created


  • Unused Microsoft Teams teams
  • Unused Office 365 Groups
  • New flows not shared with service account

Cost management

  • Flows using premium features
  • Flows using premium connectors
  • Power Automate trial licenses in use

Adoption monitoring

  • Microsoft Teams usage
  • New Microsoft Teams teams created
  • Active Office 365 Groups

Four easy steps for more control!


Connect to your tenant

Rencore connects to your Office 365 using your personal credentials and access rights.


Select what you want to track

Rencore comes with a predefined set of policies and automated actions. In addition, you can adjust existing policies to your needs and define your own set of policies and automations.


Sit back, relax, Rencore and chill

Rencore continuously scans your tenant for violations against the set of defined policies and reports on findings and activities in scheduled intervals as well as in real-time.


Automatically handle changes

Once discovered, Rencore lets you define automated actions how to handle them. For example, Rencore notifies owners of unused sites, removes inactive accounts, and disables non-compliant Flows.

Sounds interesting? Then give it a try. It is free!

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