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Undiscovered customizations and applications are the root cause of uncontrolled platform growth. Rencore helps you stay in control of your SharePoint and Office 365 environments.

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Your organization opts for SharePoint and Office 365 because of its customization capabilities.

Whether it’s a complex website customization or a simple workflow application to automate an email, your environment grows. The problem organizations face is controlling that growth at all times. Rencore offers a solution for all uncontrolled SharePoint growth circumstances.


 Solution process deconstructed:



Discover all customizations and applications no matter if they’re created by your developers, service providers or end-users.



Rencore analyzes all discovered customizations and applications, and helps you gain an understanding of what you have.



Acting on vulnerabilities and risks found keeps you in control. Turn your requirements into actionable plans.



Monitor and get real-time alerts of any changes and violations made in your environment. Stay competitive!

The solutions we currently offer:

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Platform Inventory

The Rencore Platform Inventory solution gives you an always up-to-date inventory of your SharePoint and Office 365 customizations showing their location and build-quality. You will easily understand and act on issues found with reporting dashboards and on-hand advice from our experts.

SharePoint Modernization

The Rencore SharePoint Modernization solution helps you transition from survival mode to a healthy state-of-the-art SharePoint environment which has the scope for further improving business processes by utilizing the latest Microsoft capabilities.


Cloud Migration

Our Cloud Migration solution enables you to discover customizations and applications that are reliant on legacy technology, replace them with modern alternatives and sustain a secure and performant environment whilst in the cloud.

Risk Protection

The Rencore Risk Protection solution lets you automate much of your SharePoint and Office 365 application change management, governance, and risk management.


Code Quality Assurance

The Rencore SharePoint Code Quality Assurance solution enables you to deliver quality assured customizations that meet Microsoft’s highest standards and best practices every time.