Platform Inventory

Discover and understand your platform growth.

In the cloud or on-premises – audit your platform


Your organization opts for SharePoint and Office 365 because of its customization capabilities.

Whether it’s a complex website customization or a simple workflow application to automate an email, your environment grows. The problem organizations face is uncontrolled growth and loss of control. Loss of control leads to unknown customizations and applications, poor understanding between IT and business, and platform risk.


Deployed customizations

Undiscovered customizations are the main issue regarding uncontrolled SharePoint growth. Coupled with an unawareness of their functionality and which user has created them, your environment resembles the Wild West.


Impact of Shadow IT

Unawareness of which users are creating customizations can make it hard to ensure compliance with relevant standards such as ISO, SOX, GDPR, or HIPAA. Failure to comply can result in legal action, fines and loss of company image.



A lack of documentation makes it hard to identify how your environment is being customized, used and managed. It makes it increasingly difficult to plan, budget, and track support and personnel costs.


Rencore in action

The Rencore Platform Inventory solution gives you an always up-to-date inventory of your SharePoint and Office 365 customizations showing their location and build-quality. You will easily understand and act on issues found with reporting dashboards and on-hand advice from our experts.

Discover and understand

Rencore provides comprehensive insights into which functionalities are being used in your environment. Through automation, discover issues, understand their impact, and act to resolve them before they escalate.

Control Shadow IT

Pass audits more easily by using Rencore to assess whether your customizations comply with standards. Get a handle on all users who customize SharePoint and Office 365 regardless if it’s in-house IT, external contractors or business users.

Keep records

Thorough documentation allows platform owners and administrators to manage support and personnel costs more reliably. Rencore fully automates the arduous documentation process providing up-to-date insights into your environment.

Get in touch with our experts and discover how Rencore Platform Inventory features tailors to your needs.

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