Risk Protection

Detect security and performance risks. Facilitate compliance.

Control the growth of your on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments


Business and information technology are interdependent and rapidly evolving.

This provides many more opportunities for new and innovative business processes. However, they can equally stop your organization’s momentum dead as new vulnerabilities are uncovered and exploited. The expansibility and malleability of SharePoint and Office 365 provide countless benefits to work faster and smarter, but if platforms grow uncontrollably, you are exposed to data vulnerabilities, lack of compliance and poor performance.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Quality standards and best practices need to be adhered to when building customizations or you deploy sub-par solutions to your environment. This opens the door to platform risk.

Data security

Data security

Poorly designed customizations lead to vulnerability exposure, malicious code injection, manipulated scripts after deployment, and permission elevation from unwanted users.

Sustainable control

Sustainable control

Policies and governance plans must be robust and enforced to avoid lack of awareness and control over user permissions, deployed solutions, and platform growth.


Rencore in action

The Rencore Risk Protection solution lets you automate much of your SharePoint and Office 365 application change management, governance, and risk management.

Control quality

Rencore lets you control risk before it becomes a problem by learning through expert insights and best practices how to fix customizations and applications pre-deployment – saving time and money.

Prevent risk

Eliminate the chance of vulnerabilities, malicious code, or faulty applications affecting your system through the automated discovery and reporting features Rencore provides.

24-7 Monitoring

Monitor, discover and act on all vulnerabilities in the production environment. Rencore helps you to lower operational costs, avoid risk, and legal action.

Task optimization/ drive ROI

Save significant developer and administrative hours per month with Rencore. Saved time on tasks includes code reviews, meetings, reactive management, and repeat deployments.

Get in touch with our experts and discover how Rencore Risk Protection features tailors to your needs.

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