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Being able to provide your organization’s employees with the tools they need is a key part of delivering a successful SharePoint project. However, building enhancements and introducing third-party applications exposes your organization to security risks and governance challenges.

Why is app security important?

“In 2017, the global number of breach incidents was 1.765 with North America, Europe and APAC leading the way.”
Breach Level Index (BLI)

What we can do for you

The Rencore platform provides you with a suite of tools which you can use in your day-to-day administration tasks to keep your environment working efficiently, resolve user complaints and reduce risks.

Governance and Compliance

When you extend SharePoint, you need to ensure that you do it in a way that is compliant with your organization’s policies. The Rencore platform allows you to discover and monitor all your SharePoint and Office 365 applications, both built by professional developers as well as power-users, and get alerted when they violate any of your policies.

Benefits of using Rencore:

  • Use IT resources most effectively – reduce time spent manually analyzing code
  • Ensure compliance with laws and voluntary standards
  • Make your governance plan actionable
  • Know which applications you have and where they are used
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When you extend SharePoint and Office 365, you expose your organization to risks such as vulnerabilities, malicous code or incorrectly configured permissions resulting in data loss, hacking or phishing. The Rencore platform comprehensively assesses all custom applications in SharePoint and Office 365 warning you of potentially harmful code.

Benefits of using Rencore:

  • Avoid data loss and breaches which could damage your organization
  • Discover unsecure applications quickly and efficiently
  • Test applications before they are deployed to your platform
  • Ensure your employees are fully productive
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What our customers say?

Organizations that use SharePoint and Office 365 trust Rencore to help them manage their SharePoint applications

Dutch company Brabant Water sucessfully integrated Rencore into their SharePoint environment and saw a significant decline in development time, technical support cases, and quality assurance costs.

Thanks to Rencore, Lightning Tools has cut overall development time, technical support cases, and Quality Assurance costs by over 35%

A unique position on the market when it comes to code quality, transformation and platform governance.