Lightning Tools provides Permissions Management, Content Aggregation (List Rollup), Data Integration and Data Visualization, SharePoint Forms, and Discussion Forum tools for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.

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Analyzed Products

Following products of LightningTools have been analyzed with Rencore Code (SPCAF):

Data Viewer SPFx Client Side Web Part

  •  Display and Style External Data Easily within SharePoint or Microsoft Teams
  •  Support for SQL Azure, OData, Business Connectivity Services, SharePoint Lists
  •  Highlight Key Data Using Conditional Formatting, Icons, and Data Bars (Without Code)
  • Display Data Using Charts Such as Columns, Pie, Combo, Surface.

DeliverPoint: SharePoint Online Permissions Management Tool (For Office 365)

  • Provide Site Owners and Site Collection Administrators the tools they need to effectively and easily report and manage permissions.
  • Include Office 365 Group and Active Directory Security Group Members within Permission Reports.
  • Report and Manage Permissions contextually within the sites or lists that you manage.
  • Manage and Report on SharePoint Permissions centrally across the entire tenant.

Lightning Conductor Client Side Web Part SPFx

  • Configure SharePoint List Rollups with the columns you want to see!
  • No Code Conditional Formatting, Make the important content stand out to your users!
  • Display Planner Tasks, OneDrive Items and more in a modern SharePoint view.
  • Display your SharePoint Content with style in SharePoint or Teams

Social Squared SPFx Client Side Web Part

  • Discussion Forums for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams
  • Structured Forum Groups and Forums Bring Structure To Your Discussions
  • Increase Employee engagement with Mark as Answered, Make Sticky, Gamification, Ratings and Voting
  • Build Knowledge Bases, Capture Employee Ideas, and Collaborate

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