Avoid these risks before deploying SharePoint solutions to production


There are a number of security risks involved with using SharePoint solutions that you, as an administrator, should be aware of to keep your environment secure.

SharePoint Framework, for example, is the fastest growing model for extending SharePoint to date, but there is no guidance for administrators on how to effectively review and manage these solutions.

Join the webinar and learn:

  • What risks you are exposed to in SharePoint

  • What SharePoint Framework solution packages consist of

  • What to watch out for to avoid risks

  • How to efficiently verify packages before deploying them to production


Waldek Mastykarz

Waldek is a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft focusing on Microsoft 365. In this role, he helps developers build applications on top of Microsoft 365. He's also a part of Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices where he builds developer guidance and tooling for extending Microsoft 365 together with the community. Before joining Microsoft, Waldek was heading the Product Department at Rencore reinforces our product development by adding loads of business experience. For sharing his experience through his blog, speaking, and social media, Waldek was a 12-time Microsoft MVP.

Liam Cleary

Solution Architect and Security super-freak and eleven-time SharePoint MVP focusing on Architecture but also crossing the boundary into Development. Liam’s specialty over the past few years has been security in SharePoint and its surrounding platforms.