More data, more problems? How to get complete employee profiles and how to secure them.


What is more, highly personalized and customized SharePoint Online and Office 365 environments have the potential to increase their vulnerability to security breaches and data leaks. So better not personalize and customize at all?

Join Jeremy Thake, VP of Product Technology at Hyperfish (recently acquired by LiveTiles), and Matthias Einig, CEO at Rencore, and learn how to get the best of both worlds: complete user profiles and a secure environment not putting this data at risk. Find out more about the role profiles can play in the success of your SharePoint and Office 365 solutions and customizations. Let our experts show you how your organization can keep employee information up to date and secure without putting additional strain on your IT resources.


Matthias Einig

Matthias is a Microsoft Office Servers and Services MVP and the CEO and founder of Rencore. Matthias is speaking regularly at international Microsoft 365 conferences and community events and co-organized many standout industry events such as the European Collaboration Summit and various European SharePoint Saturdays.

Jeremy Thake

Jeremy Thake is the VP of Product Technology at Hyperfish (recently acquired by LiveTiles), with over 15 years of experience in the industry, focused on Microsoft Technology. His experience ranges from consulting, development and marketing to product management. Jeremy worked at Microsoft HQ for 3 years on Office 365 extensibility and Azure application platform space.