Developing Secure and Performant JavaScript for SharePoint

Learn how to develop JavaScript for SharePoint that meets and exceeds security and performance standards

Image Hugh Wood
Hugh Wood

Lead Developer and JavaScript guru at Rencore. Developing for the Microsoft Stack since 2000.

Hugh is a frequent speaker at events around the globe and is active in various European SharePoint user groups spreading wisdom.

In software, there are two categories that don’t receive enough attention no matter the language you write.

Coming up on June 29th, 2017, Hugh Wood, Lead Developer at Rencore, will focus on how this affects any JavaScript you write.

One is understandably performance: you might not care about performance until the 11th hour and this sometimes is a valid point. However, performance can sometimes be attributed to a factor in a Risk Assessment for Usability, Stability or Security.

Security isn’t often factored into code that is written, and the current structure of how people work opens up new avenues of attack.

With SharePoint ask yourself one question before signing up for this webinar: should you sacrifice Security for Performance?