Effectively managing Office 365 at scale


As the adoption of Office 365 in your organization increases it's more and more difficult for you to stay on top of what's happening in your tenant.

In the end, you give up, facing the inevitable sprawl of inactive teams and groups, unused accounts for external users and publicly shared content that no one knows about. But it doesn't need to be like that. You can manage Office 365 effectively at a large scale.

Join us for a webinar about effectively managing Office 365 at scale. We'll share you lessons learned from the field as well as a number of good practices to help you stay in control of your tenant without compromising on features or usability.


Waldek Mastykarz

Waldek is a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft focusing on Microsoft 365. In this role, he helps developers build applications on top of Microsoft 365. He's also a part of Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices where he builds developer guidance and tooling for extending Microsoft 365 together with the community. Before joining Microsoft, Waldek was heading the Product Department at Rencore reinforces our product development by adding loads of business experience. For sharing his experience through his blog, speaking, and social media, Waldek was a 12-time Microsoft MVP.

Jussi Roine

Jussi Roine (@JussiRoine) was born in '77, and was drawn to computers at the ripe age of 5 when my parents brought home a VIC-20 home computer. I became a programmer at the same ripe age of 5 when I could type 10 PRINT "MY NAME IS JUSSI." If we discard my questionable past working with Unix and Linux systems, I've worked for multiple Microsoft Partner companies since 1990. For the past decade or so, I worked at the company I co-founded, and in late 2019 I joined Microsoft as an Azure Developer Audience Lead. It was fun, but I'm better at building something from scratch – and now I run our new company, North Advisors, that focuses on Azure and Power Platform consulting and support. During my spare time, I also co-produce the ravishing Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast, with new episodes each week.