Gain full visibility and control in Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365 offers many benefits to an organization but at the same time raises new considerations when it comes to service administration and management.

One of the biggest challenges for IT Admins and platform owners is finding the right balance between enabling collaboration while staying in control of their environment at the same time.

Staying in control means knowing what is going on in your tenant at all times. Microsoft’s Admin Centers for different services like Teams and SharePoint can help with that but since all data showed there is siloed, it’s difficult to view and assess data relationships and act accordingly.

Lack of visibility often leads to an oversight in the following areas:

  • Access to and sharing of data

  • Creation of ressources

  • Licensing cost

to name just a few.

In this webinar, Björn Erkens shared

  • A way to gain full visibility and valuable insights into your Microsoft 365 services

  • How to create transparency for everyone involved and how to report to different stakeholders

  • How you can continuously monitor your environment to proactively treat issues

  • How to quickly get going with governance policies that make sense for your organization while always staying flexible

P.S. All of this is possible without installing anything on device endpoints.

Watch this webinar on-demand for increased security, lower cost and better overall compliance.


Björn Erkens

Björn Erkens was a Product Owner Governance at Rencore. In his role, he was responsible for researching trends and challenges that organizations are facing with regard to Microsoft 365 Cloud Governance. Björn was part of the Rencore product team and ensured that what he learned was incorporated into Rencore products.