Mythbusting Enterprise Security & Compliance


Join Microsoft MVP, Data Security expert and serial author Nicki Borell and security super-freak and twelve-time MVP Liam Cleary to get a detailed understanding of what Microsoft brings to the table to help you setting up a secure and compliant environment and where your organization has to fill the gaps with other tools and solutions.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • The overall Microsoft Security story

    • What your IT Admin thinks about security

    • Protect at the front door

    • Protect your data anywhere

    • Detect & remediate attacks

  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

    • Identity and Access Management

    • Information Protection

    • Mobile device & app management

    • Threat protection

  • Security Gaps

    • gaps in Microsoft's security tools

    • risks those gaps are causing

    • tools that can fill the security gaps


Nicki Borell

Nicki Borell is an evangelist & consultant in the Experts Inside team. He has worked for many years in Microsoft enterprise environments and also as a trainer and consultant for SharePoint and Office 365 & Azure. Nicki is the founder and head behind the label Xperts&work. His expertise extends from technical consulting all the way to project management, with his core competencies covering KMU, enterprise environments, and government data management.

Liam Cleary

Solution Architect and Security super-freak and eleven-time SharePoint MVP focusing on Architecture but also crossing the boundary into Development. Liam’s specialty over the past few years has been security in SharePoint and its surrounding platforms.