On-demand session: M365 governance with PowerShell scripts – Here’s what you should know

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Our host Charles Collins-Hooper sat down with MCT and PowerShell enthusiast David Sass to discuss whether it’s a good idea, in the long run, to govern your Microsoft 365 environment using PowerShell scripts. 

They took a deep dive into what the retirement of the Azure AD Graph and MSOnline PowerShell licensing assignment APIs and PowerShell cmdlets after December 2022 will mean for admins and platform owners. 

David shared the upsides of PowerShell as well as the downsides when it comes to governance and talked about alternative options. 

 Watch this Rencast to learn 

  • What the deprecation of the Azure AD Graph, MSOnline PowerShell licensing assignment APIs, and PowerShell cmdlets will mean for you 

  • What you should know when you’re using PowerShell for governance in the long run 

  • About alternatives for a holistic Microsoft 365 governance approach 


Charles Collins-Hooper

Charles is the Partner & Alliance Manager at Rencore – Cementing together the business relationships that count.

David Sass

David portrait image
David is a highly skilled SharePoint Guy who is focusing on Automation, Compliance, Security, Operational Excellence, Quality Assurance and hacking the unexpected out from the technology stack. He works as a Services Reliability Engineer at Rencore.