Power Automate Mini Summit

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Join Stephen Siciliano, the mastermind behind Power Automate at Microsoft and Microsoft MVPs Laura Rogers, Serge Luca, and Matthias Einig who are going to take you back to the Flow and share their learnings and pitfalls when using Power Automate.
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EST 12pm - 12:40pm / CET 6pm - 6:40pm

Keynote: Quo Vadis Power Automate?

Stephen Siciliano, Principal Group PM Manager at Microsoft

Stephen will share the latest updates on the current state of Power Automate as well as what's to come.

EST 12:45pm - 1:30pm / CET 6:45 - 7:30pm

Power Automate patterns and best practices with Doctor Flow

Serge Luca, MVP, ShareQL

In this session, Doctor Flow aka ‘Serge Luca’ will illustrate several best practices for using Power Automate in real business enterprise and mission-critical projects. Having worked in 15 Power Automate projects during the last 3 years, Serge has identified several limitations that can have a huge impact in your projects, even though the tool is easy to start with. Some new patterns will be discussed during this demo-oriented session.
Serge will also demonstrate the next iteration of his baby, the free and open-source Power Platform BPM Toolkit that overcomes some limitations of Power Automate.

EST 1:35pm - 2:20pm / CET 7:35pm - 8:20pm

Common Pitfalls with PowerAutomate

Laura Rogers, MVP, IW Mentor

In Power Automate, do you end up spending hours of your life, working through what seemed like something simple in a flow? Microsoft has made many improvements over the years so that this happens less often, but there are still little annoyances and pitfalls that it helps to know about. There are a few important tips to know about so that you can save time, and design flows in the most efficient way. In this session, learn how to avoid such issues, like surprise loops in your flow and unnecessary flow triggers, and some error handling will be covered as well.

EST 2:25pm - 3:10pm / CET 8:25pm - 9:10pm

Power Automation with Governance! Power Governance with Automation!

Matthias Einig, MVP, Rencore & Bjoern Erkens, Rencore

As organizations continue to embrace automating business processes via a growing portfolio of tools, it becomes increasingly difficult for you to manage the rapid growth of workflows on both the platform and end-user level. In the end, you give up, facing the inevitable sprawl of unused and forgotten Flows, obscure automated actions, and unknown journeys for corporate data.

However, it doesn't need to be like that. There is a way to scale Power Automate governance effectively and stay in control.

In this session, Matthias and Bjoern share lessons learned from the field as well as many good practices to help manage and govern your Power Automate flows on a large scale without compromising on features or usability.

EST 3:15pm - 3:45pm / CET 9:15pm - 9:45pm

Ask me anything (AMA)

Stephen, Serge, Laura, Matt, Bjoern

Our presenters will go through the questions that you are able to ask throughout the entire mini-summit and try to answer as many as possible :)


Stephen Siciliano

Stephen Sicialano
Stephen is the inventor and PM Director for Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) —a product that democratizes intelligent automation by empowering everyone to build automated workflows that reduce manual, repetitive tasks. Prior to starting Power Automate, Stephen worked on Azure Logic Apps and Azure Autoscale and Alerts. He joined Microsoft in March 2013 when MetricsHub—a SaaS company that kept its customers' cloud applications up and running for the lowest possible cost—was acquired by Microsoft. At MetricsHub he was a co-founder and its Chief Design Officer.

Serge Luca

Doctor Flow aka “Serge Luca” is based in Brussels and has more than 30 years of IT experience as a solution architect after working as a university researcher. His current role is Power Platform solution architect. He has been MVP for 14 years and is MVP in Office 365 and MVP in Microsoft Business Application (Power Automate and Power Apps). He is well known international speaker at events such as Microsoft Tech Ed, Microsoft Ignite, European SharePoint conference, Collaboration summit… Even though Serge has a very long history as a SharePointer, he has been working with the Power Platform since the early days in 2016 and he has never stopped working with it since them : he has been leading more than 15 projects involving Power Automate and Power Apps and he is the creator of the free and open source “Power Platform BPM (Business Process Management) Toolkit” that will be available in Github in November. He is also the author and maintainer of the Microsoft Power Automate in a day material for Microsoft. He is a business partner of “Power Platform Associates”  (www.powerplatformassociates.com) with another MVP: Isabelle Van Campenhoudt. You can hire serge for Power Platform consulting or training.

Laura Rogers

Laura is the owner of IW Mentor SharePoint training company and has fourteen years of experience in SharePoint implementation, training, customization and administration. She has written several SharePoint books, and her focus is on making the most of SharePoint’s out-of-the-box capabilities. She works extensively with Power Apps and Power Automate, in building no-code business solutions as a "Citizen Developer".

Matthias Einig

Matthias is a Microsoft Office Servers and Services MVP and the CEO and founder of Rencore. Matthias is speaking regularly at international Microsoft 365 conferences and community events and co-organized many standout industry events such as the European Collaboration Summit and various European SharePoint Saturdays.

Björn Erkens

Björn Erkens was a Product Owner Governance at Rencore. In his role, he was responsible for researching trends and challenges that organizations are facing with regard to Microsoft 365 Cloud Governance. Björn was part of the Rencore product team and ensured that what he learned was incorporated into Rencore products.