SharePoint Customizations – the most overlooked road block to your migration


Erwin van Hunen - sptransformator rencore

Our Host and Expert:

Erwin van Hunen,
Product Owner of SPTransformator, Microsoft MCM and MVP

This webinar introduces you to some things to keep an eye on that will help you in preventing your SharePoint migration projects from stalling.

What you will learn:

  • Meet the single most overlooked and potentially crucial factor for your migration project: SharePoint Customizations.
  • Find out, why and how to assess your SharePoint Customizations in terms ofmigratability
  • Get Educated: essential resources around transforming SharePoint Customizations
  • Plan and Track the transformation of your customizations
  • Turn potential risks for your migration into added value for your target platform
  • Tool Tipp: SPTransformator will guide you through any migration and transformation process and even provide some code magic

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