Webinar: The Sheriff of SharePoint – Stay in Control of your SharePoint Environment


Extending SharePoint beyond what’s available out of the box is what makes SharePoint great. It allows organizations to tailor the environment specifically to business needs, but with numerous departments and users extending SharePoint, it can turn into the Wild West. 

The number of applications used to extend SharePoint builds up over time and you lose track of what is where and who’s done what. It becomes 'all beer and skittles'. But don’t worry, there’s a new sheriff in town! 

For this webinar, our experts Erwin van Hunen and Waldek Mastykarz will explain how you can round up the outlaws (applications), enforce law and order, (users) and stay in control of your SharePoint Production environment.

Key benefits of watching: 

  • Understand the impact SharePoint applications have on your production environment 

  • Get a handle on governance practices to safely grow SharePoint usage throughout your organization 

  • A comprehensive understanding of the best tools to help achieve your governance goals 

  • Learn how you can decrease your operational costs by optimizing your SharePoint applications 

  • Know how you can easily improve your SharePoint’s performance 

  • Learn how to uncomplicate your move to the cloud 


Waldek Mastykarz

Waldek is a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft focusing on Microsoft 365. In this role, he helps developers build applications on top of Microsoft 365. He's also a part of Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices where he builds developer guidance and tooling for extending Microsoft 365 together with the community. Before joining Microsoft, Waldek was heading the Product Department at Rencore reinforces our product development by adding loads of business experience. For sharing his experience through his blog, speaking, and social media, Waldek was a 12-time Microsoft MVP.

Erwin van Hunen

Image Erwin van Hunen
Chief Technology Office at Rencore, Microsoft Certified Master, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master and SharePoint MVP. Erwin is a core member of the Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices team (https://pnp.github.io/) helping developers worldwide with code samples, scenarios, solutions, and guidance to successfully implement customizations for Office 365. Erwin speaks regularly at SharePoint conferences around the world and is one of the organizers of SharePoint Saturday Stockholm, the largest SharePoint-focused conference in Scandinavia.